Here at Untoward we greatly value what’s humorous. So consider this Untoward’s Mission Statement, then: we want fiction that’s funny in some way, as we see it, laugh out loud, gently stated, or suchlike.

If you’re thinking of submitting it might help you to know we love and admire the following writers (and encourage you to read them, as well): George Saunders, Samantha Irby, Amelia Gray, Etgar Keret, Lindsay Hunter, Lorrie Moore, Dorothy Parker, Percival Everett, Donald Barthelme, Shirley Jackson, Jane Bowles, Robert Walser, xTx, Kurt Vonnegut, Jac Jemc, Ludmilla Petrushevskaya, Alissa Nutting, Roxane Gay, Jane Austen, Franki Eliot, Aimee Bender, Mark Twain, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Machado de Assis, Russell Edson, Daniil Kharms, Ishmael Reed, Ben Loory, James Tate, Friedrich Nietzsche, Amber Sparks, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, William Gaddis, Anton Chekhov, Franz Kafka, Herman Melville, and Vladimir Nabokov.


Submitting your submission(s) to Submittable:

Please include with your work, in the “Cover Letter / Biography” section, a brief  bio written in the third person [and with no more than four previous publication credits.]


As for how your fiction itself should be sent to us, here goes:

For short stories, the cut off is 5,000 words.

For flash fiction, these can be 1,500 words at most (and probably 100 at the very least).

For poetry, what we like is mostly poetry of the prose variety, i.e. very similar to your flash fictions of very short length. Please submit no more than 3-5 poems at a time.



If you’ve read and feel you understand the preceding guidelines then, hey —



Various items for your consideration:

Submit only one piece at time. We will respond to it as quickly as we can, and as soon as we do, you’re free to submit again. Unless submissions are closed, but you already knew that, didn’t you, you rascal.

We can’t pay you for your work. We can’t pay anyone for that. One day, if we can, we will pay, and everyone perhaps! But rest-assured we are making no money off of this here literary endeavor. And it’s costing us something, at least, what’s more.

Authors do retain copyright on all works. What we ask for is one-time electronic rights. Rights revert to the author following publication in Untoward. Also, know that we may want to publish your work in a print anthology, etc. It could happen!

If a piece first published with us is then published in your own collection, we’d really appreciate some acknowledgment someplace in said publication.

Also, yes, you can submit your work here and elsewhere simultaneously, but please let us know your work has then been accepted for publication as soon as possible.

No previously published work, thank you.

Submitting your work to Untoward constitutes acknowledgment of all the aforesaid conditions.