About Untoward

Historical Aside:

Some time ago, brave men of vision decided literature could be funny. Untoward Magazine knows not when or where this decision took place, but glad we are that it did. Untoward Magazine thus exists to perpetuate humor in literature and so forth.

Untoward, The Magazine:


“Who We Are,” A Masthead:


Matt Rowan co-founded this literary web publication back in 2010 with the inimitable Jon Mau. He is managing editor of ACM: Another Chicago Magazine, a member of the Anthology of Chicago editorial board, author of Why God Why and Big Venerable. His work has appeared in Artifice, Gigantic, Booth Journal, mojo journal and Necessary Fiction, among other publications. He blogs occasionally at Bob Einstein’s Literary Equations



Editors, past:

Ashley Collier is co-editor of Untoward Magazine and is a graduate of College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. She is a writer, gemology nerd, pickle enthusiast, and lover of natural curiosities. Her work has appeared in Metazen, Bone Parade, NAP, Absinthe Revival and Red Lightbulbs.

Jon Mau is an aspiring suburbanite, currently residing in Des Plaines, IL. He owns two young children, who daily brighten his life and give him reason to watch “Thomas the Tank Engine” without feeling that weird, creeping shame he used to feel. He reads the back of cereal boxes, which uniquely qualifies him to act as a founding contributor and occasional editor for Untoward Magazine. His work has been published in Untoward and Red Lightbulbs. Plus he’s in charge of Untoward’s web technical stuff, too. 

Mason Johnson lives in Chicago and angers people on the internet.


Artwork by:

Erin O’Neill is a  freelance artist who currently resides in Chicago. She graduated from the Art Institute of Kansas City with a Bachelors in Fine Arts with a focus in Painting in 2007. Prints of Erin’s work can be purchased by contacting her directly via e-mail. For more information regarding her portfolio, or to inquire about commissioning work you can contact Erin at: erinelizabetho@gmail.com.

Sheri Mau

Nick Francis Potter is an multimedia artist from Salt Lake City, Utah. His writing and comics have been featured in Ninth Letter, Sleepingfish, Black Warrior Review, and Booth, among others. He currently lives in Columbia, Missouri. His website is nickfrancispotter.tumblr.com.


Frequent Contributor(s):

M.E. McMullen


Resident Malcontent Emeritus:

Jamie Ferguson (5’8”, 150 lbs, lives for Friday) is a white collar entity who has spent money at The Second City Training Center in Chicago and also co-edits and contributes to Horrible Satan.


Where we’re calling from:

As for location, well, where aren’t we located? That’d be pretty much everywhere outside of ChicagoLand. Which is to say Chicago (and the greater Chicago metropolitan area) is our home base of operations.

While we’re not strictly interested in Chicago fiction, we’re big fans of it — and you who are Chicago writers won’t necessarily get preferential treatment, but know that we feel a relative kinship there, to this particular municipality and all who call it home or once did. Take Nelson Algren and Mike Royko, for example, whose ghosts leave us feeling cheery and truculent all at once.