We Are Only Young Forever

What I know about style is I’d rather be naked

What I know about politics is timing

How much is there to do if you go nowhere

Find me a catalogue of accidental shirtless men on Google

Which hey wear whatever you want walking around

How much longer our species would survive without shame

If your granddad’s got nudes I want to look

Then or now does anything matter

Did you see how hot Joe Biden used to be

I mean show me some new fiscal policy

No one has done what they’re doing before

No science experiment exists in a vacuum

Thank you for warming the planet baby boomers

What is life without an insurmountable challenge

I would like to be speaker of the house

Too many people maybe have seen my nudes

I only ever send butts though

Perhaps that isn’t enough to save me

To save enough of us to save us

How old is too old to be president

I could wait until after the internet’s collapse

I could run on a pro-saltwater platform

Have you seen the ocean it’s everywhere

It’s worth more than it lets on

It envelops everything equally

Crushes everything equally

Is probably into socialism but is scared

Has probably crashed a nudist yacht party

Probably looked without pretending it didn’t



These will be my campaign slogans

I will wear the emperor’s clothes

I will spend most of my time in New Hampshire

The mountains catch the light just right

The firs know how deep to dig

Everything fights for hydration

One day we’ll wake up thirsty

We won’t know how we got here


Doug Paul Case lives in Bloomington, where he recently earned an MFA at Indiana University. His work has appeared in Salt Hill, Court Green, Washington Square, and Redivider. He tweets @DougBTW.