Found Pages Of Physicist Aleksandr Stoletov’s 13thCentury Experimentations With Monocrystalline And Solar Panel Skin In A Snowy, Komi Republic Russian Town Named Vorkuta That Lies North Of The Arctic Circle In The Pechora Coal Basin

Sunday, January 6, 1312: Cut Poly Vinyl Butyral laminated glass with an extended 2.5 inch width at the heels. Increase anneal temperature to 700 degrees. Mrs. Sidorov’s feet shattered like champagne flutes on fishmonger’s tile floor. Shards beyond repair.

Saturday, January 12, 1312: To clean body scum residue: Fill warm bathwater with 1 cup of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of fluoride toothpaste, a spray of Windex. Squeegee light. Pat body dry with newspaper.

Monday, January 14, 1312: Empirical observations:

Pensive: Cerebellum shifts orange, to red, to yellow, to brown. A fall foliage.

Orgasm: Vagina bursts out like a umbrella. Takes 2 hours 15 minutes to close again.

Cigarettes: Lungs gnackle black. Mulch down to toes.

Death: Stomach shrivels. Raisin dimensions.

Wednesday, January 17, 1312: Proposed mandate with city governor: A siren alert for storms, hail, flood, high winds. Pietr Alkelsov’s chest cracked like a windshield.

Thursday, January 18, 1312: Revised cleansing solution: orange oil and terrycloth.

Friday, September, 15, 1319: Solar panel interlayer laminate to protect heart from noise pollution, heat reduction, ultraviolet UV rays.

Monday, September 18, 1319: Hypothesis: If blood carries as many electrons as electric current in telephone wires, then blood could convert sunlight into energy.

Saturday, September 30: 1319: Construction of photovoltaic celled skin:


  1. Monocrystalline
  2. Polycrustalline
  3. Amorphous Silicone
  4. Cadmium
  5. Telluride
  6. Copper Indium Selenide
  7. Sulfide

Skin sheath: 180 micrometers thick.

Thursday, October 5: 1319: Proposal: Clients brushed with high silicone of choice (ranging from white to brown to black). Skin may be dipped in a solution of nanocrystals, creating vibrant shimmer. Quantum dots pressed about body acting as pores. Manufacturer’s warranty of 20 years. Price range: 65- 98,000 based on wattage output of cells and square footage.

Saturday, October 7: 1319: Proposal: Allow nipples to serve as transistor knobs. When twisted, increase amplification of electrical current to heart (such as transistor radio).

Monday, October 9: 1319: Amend dimensions of solar panel. Light passing through glass epidermis causing organ abrasion.

Monday, October 16: 1319: Empirical observations:

On days of rain, of overcast grey: paralysis epidemic.

Tuesday, October 17: 1319: Immediate mandate with city governor: Unlimited population access to incubators, light bulbs, flashlights, nightlights, lamps, candles, fixtures, streetlights, fluorescent, incandescent, neon, led lights, floodlights, headlights, kerosene lamps, whale oil lamps.


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