Written For The Man Behind Me Growling

Rust Belt Recipes.

Fit for fuller entities than me
whose bellies rage but
dichotomous.  In rags, too.

Rust belt, iron belt, steel belt
it’s me and you, Cleveland
and if you want to get fat

try this, recipes to fatten
put fries on everything
put mayonaisses on lovers

you dipping and licking
and the carbon on the sheets now
somehow explainable



If you can’t write about tits, what can you write about?
Seriously. Help me out with this.
Tits are the most universal thing there
is. Women having them, and men
wanting them in handfuls. Wanting them
in boatloads, wheelbarrows, on or
off screen.

Even if you’re a vegan, don’t tell
me that you see a face first.
Maybe you do. But you see tits too.
Or if you like legs, or arms, or ass,
or the space between ankle and calf,

All that means is you regret never
fucking a girl with really nice tits.
I mean, really, really nice tits.
Really good beautiful
tits. Really, really, really
wonderful tits. The kind
that are really nice. The nicest of
tits. Really amazing tits. Tits
really worth talking about, real
woman tits. Tits by the handful.
I mean really, really nice tits.
I know you know
the kind I mean.
Even if you know they
look better in a bra, at least
the real ones, and not at all
in the dark.

So please,
don’t tell me I can’t write about tits.
So nice.


Written for the Man Behind Me Growling

A dog made its nest in your throat.  I will like to give it a bone.  Or better yet wet food.  You gain five minutes of life every time you pet a dog and I wonder how much longer you’ve got and how much I get petting the inside of your throat.


Shawn Maddey is a person responsible for Barge Press. He often wears a beard and the beard is a powerful beard that is easy to admire, so say its admirers (of which there are many). He and his beard live in Pittsburgh, PA.