Letter From the Editor in the New Year 2012

Matt Rowan, An Editor of Years and Tears

I’m excited. I say excited and that I am excited often, but that’s because I am excited often! I see good things for Untoward in the New Year. Really. Really good things. I’d like to start off, though, by thanking heartily and thoroughly all of the past year’s contributors. I’d list you all by name but that becomes really difficult considering there was such a huge outpouring of interest and enthusiasm and just plain great work from so many. It’s not like the end of 2010, when we could about count our previous and forthcoming (great) contributors on one hand (see it for yourself)

Anyway, we’ll be kicking of 2012 on Untoward very soon, January 3rd soon. By then, we’ll have fiction by James Warner and Mark Jordan Manner posted for your enjoyment. I know I’ll enjoy it. Both sane and insane people alike should enjoy it. Only the worst misers the world has ever known won’t.

Have I said how excited I am for the new year?