Thanksgiving 2011: A Good Day to Announce Our Pushcart Nominees

Hey there, friends of Untoward and the rest,

We’ve felt pretty fortunate here in the last year to publish stuff we really like. Stuff we REALLY like. What does Artifice Magazine say about it? They say about their stuff “The things we like, we like more than we can stand.” Rather than go ahead and be “original” I’m gonna just piggyback on that sentiment, just in terms of the untoward things we editors at Untoward have enjoyed.

Like the Greek restaurateur who raises menu prices in order to increase monies made in tips for his wait staff,  I’m am really pleased to have had the opportunity to nominate several excellent pieces of fiction for the 2012 Pushcart Prize.

In complete seriousness, it has been too much fun working on Untoward this last year and I thank all of our contributors and readers and the rest for the great work and encouragement you’ve added to this endeavor. We could not do it without you, nor would we want to.

Without further ado, here are our nominees, with links to their pieces on Untoward:

A D Jameson – “5000 Units of Product” –

Thomas Mundt – “Two Capricorns” –

Perle Besserman – “The Party” –

Robert Rosenberg – “Used Crib” –

Alec Bryan – “Percival” –

Loren Sundlee – “Saints” –

Have the greatest Thanksgiving of your lives, folks! Eat a football, if the mood moves you to do so.