How Time is on Fire: Untoward’s Fiery First Year of Dynamite

Dear Everyone,

Wow, let me start off by clearly stating, W-O-W, wow-we. And let me next say, thanks, thanks to each and every contributor to Untoward. And every reader, too. All of you readers, contributors and contributor-readers, thanks for making this what it has been so far: a lot of fun to put together, among other things. I’d love to elaborate further on exactly what this has been so far (see especially “among other things”), but I think that belies the point somewhat. I don’t know what this has been, just that it has been fun. Well, ok, I have some idea of what this has been to me. What Untoward has been after a full year in operation to me. But if the “to me” in italics didn’t spell it out clearly enough, that’s only really my own impression, and I don’t want to color yours too much with that.

It’s more important that people are reading and, one way or another, reacting to the really great fiction we’ve been privileged to publish.

It’s furthermore important that people are enjoying the fire behind Untoward. I don’t exactly mean literal fire, but I’d like to. Which is to say, how can we harness fire for Untoward? Obviously you can’t get that into a computer, let alone the entirety of the Internet. And yet I dare to dream that one day we might, and that somehow this will help with what Untoward is. Deciding what Untoward is. It’s not altogether unlike that strangely askew Rubik’s Cube that illustrates our most recent Featured Fiction, John Thurgood’s “The Thing with the Clothes.” It’s not like that Rubik’s Cube, either, and yet I wish to dare to dream that it could.

What else is there to say? Just the following questions and answers, to sum up…

Goals for the future? 1.) Never define what this is. 2.) Harness fire for to put behind Untoward.


Fiery Matt