As a child, Momma wanted a pony. She often drew pictures, quite strong illustrations, in fact, of ponies. She paid ample attention especially to their manes and how sunlight danced upon them. You could not find a better crayonist in the many elementary schools of the world, now and then and before. I know, I’ve admired those pictures from the bottoms of garment choked attic boxes. She told me how grandpa had brought home a pony for her that later turned out to be a sheepdog with the mange, that he eventually had to shoot after he could stick four fingers in the dog’s hip tumor. But she never forgot that dog she named Pretty Pony Princess. So while she told me the story as a child I decided to grow out my hair like a mane, because she never really held me or hugged me or kissed me or anything, but then, at least she could pet my hair, and brush it, and she did, and I knew I was now Pretty Pony Princess the second, though I dared never speak that name out loud.


Musov Shoko is a video maker/musician/writer/actor that lives in Kansas and has no fun. See his visual work on Youtube HERE.