Dialogue Contest a la Bartleby Snopes

I want you to know, friends of Untoward, that Bartleby Snopes is hosting a pretty great dialogue fiction contest, which you too could be a part of.

Things to be aware of, first and foremost:

This contest is for fiction that is exclusively written in  dialogue and dialogue only. So enough with the detached third-person narrator / omniscent eye. We don’t need that here. Save it for your erudite submission to The New Yorker.

There’s the NOMINAL entry fee of ten dollars, but with said ten dollars you’re free to submit as many stories as you like till the end of the initial submitting period (though only one story at a time; Bartleby Snopes has a pretty excellent response time).

Everything else, and including what I’ve stated here, is outlined and / or pretty well explained on the Contests Page at Bartleby Snopes.  OH, OH, OH: Keep in mind all initial submissions MUST be received by September 12th. The current grand prize total is $380, which is a lot of shamoleyans.

I mention this contest also because not only will I be a guest judge, but more importantly Ben Loory (author of the awesome collection Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day) will be guest judge for the final round.

So submit to this contest today!