How About It? P. Fanatics is Happening Again!

Welcome back, friends. I wanted to let you know: is it true that you haven’t been to any of the preceding P. Fanatics reading serieses (there have been 2 you have missed! 2!!). Huh? Well, good news! You can go tonight! You can listen to hilarious and good stories about nothing less than dads! That’s right, tonight’s theme is dads and all that good stuff that dads can do. So check it out. I’ll be checking it out. I’m excited. You should be, too. ┬áCheck it out at the venue which remains Moe’s Tavern on Milwaukee in Chicago, IL. See The Simpsons decoration done in parody (so as to avoid legal concerns). The date is tonight (May 23, 2011 AD).

Readers this time round will include: Alexis Thomas, Jessie Morrison, Matt Martin, Stevie Edwards, Nate Olison. Also, the indefatigable Chris Bower will be there, reading. And, as always, Dan Shapiro will stun you with his rapier willingness to say things that get host Mason Johnson in trouble with Moe’s regulars.

Require more information than that which I have already, in painstaking detail, adumbrated? Fine, go to Mason’s site then. He’ll tell you.