People Always Don’t Think I’ll Box Them But They’re Wrong

People don’t pretty much see it but I’m a pretty tough guy. That’s so, so I basically have gotta prove it a lot of near every day. So I grab guys who think they can get away with not boxing me, when it’s “Hey, I’m ready to box and so should you be.” But they pretty basically never are much of the time ready to box. It’s that they think I won’t be ready, but I always am. And so it’s them that are pretty usually not the ones ready.

So I got an edge, almost always.

Except when pretty basically they’ve got enough balls to be ready later after not being ready from the start. And so I get hit, in my head usually pretty often. So it’s true I won’t stop and I hit them back, but then they hit me back. Then there’s a melee pretty much. And there’s chairs and there’s tables and they get broken with a car which will pretty often drive and hit someone, when I’m not too hurt in the eyes to find my keys to drive basically.

People sometimes especially don’t think I’ll box them, and won’t especially fight back because they’re too lame and are shit out of muscle. I don’t like beating these people basically but I do because they pretty much shouldn’t of have thought I wasn’t gonna hit them. People need to sleep in their beds, know what I mean?

Specially this one night yesterday, when I was boxing and was landing face hits with my boxing hands. Because as I’ll have you know this guy, I think this guy was a guy ‘cause I was boxing so hard I forget, he goes: “Hey buddy, whadda the hell do you gotta be hitting me with your hands so much for?” And every time he asks I say to him, or the lady, you gotta never doubt in me buddy basically because I won’t pretty much be taking it. I basically gotta hit you now so next time you’ll learn something from this time.

But do they ever do? N-O spells that they D-O-N-T, basically, ‘cause some of them guys and ladies do. But usually new ones don’t and so I gotta go boxing again. It’s tough for my hands that I use to do the hitting of the boxing.

And always basically a new problem comes into my life like these assaults they bring to me and say I do. But that ain’t pretty much the whole picture, so the judge will know my side. People honorable judge you got to know that they can’t be let to do that stuff about not respecting and figure that I’ll not have a problem with them disrespecting. I mean, I ain’t ever had to hit a judge so far as I know but if I’m in court soon, which I will be on account of assaults, then what is it left for me then to go to the judge and box because even judges gotta know I won’t be thought as a wussy would be to people.

So now I’m thinking about everybody basically as if they was the judge doing me wrong, and so I’m boxing a lotta days right now and I think some of them were cop boxing matches. I think cops pretty much disrespect me and my boxing worst of all. So now it gets me thinking about boxing cops pretty basically. I ought to, I think so. So that’s true to me.