So Much New Fiction!

Hey out there, readers and writers. Glad to say we’ve gotten some really topnotch submissions to this point in our second month and second issue of Untoward Magazine’s existence. So I’d like to thank Ed Higgins, Sally York and Michael Frissore (btw: Michael has another really great story at Bartleby Snopes that I encourage you to check out) for some very unusual, in the best sense, writing (special, periodic contributions from Jamie Ferguson are alone enough to insure no dearth of this, as well). And I hope these contributors’ work goes a long way to further shaping the mission of Untoward Magazine, which is advancing humor in fiction that’s deep, too. Yuss.

My aim is to do Nabokov proud, and he is one very tough literary nut to crack, notwithstanding his being dead for these many years. He’s like that uncompromising father who, despite his offspring’s best efforts, cannot be pleased, but we can’t help trying to please him, because also this “father” is one of the great writers of history. So there’s that.

See for yourself, the enigmatic Nabokov on “Lolita”:

and secondly,

So don’t stop with the submissions. We’re happy to say we’ve got a lot more great stuff coming — a new story by Faith Gardner dealing with, among other things, the finer points of obsessively loathing Lady Gaga, and another story, that I quite like, by Jon Mau — as we tirelessly endeavor to please Papa Nabokov.

Thanks for reading / writing!